When Garage Door Openers Smoke 

You will see smoke coming from the garage door opener when the capacitor is blown. The capacitor is found in the Garage Door Repair Opener Smokegarage opener, it stores energy. You might hear a humming or clicking sound coming from the opener as it tries to run, but there is not enough energy there to do anything. However, a blown capacitor can build up enough energy to work for a while, if it is not used for a number of hours. It will help to open your door again. But if this doesn’t happen and you replace the capacitor and the door is still not moving, you should check on your circuit board.

A capacitor blows when it is old, or if the temperature outside the building is hot and you open and close the garage door very often. The capacitor can blow because of excess heat.

A Circuit Board Problem

A bad circuit board can cause a clicking sound in the garage door opener motor head; you might hear one click or numerous clicks. The light bulb will flash erratically also. When these things happen, you have a bad circuit board. You will need to have it replaced. Circuit boards can be replaced easily by trained garage door technicians.

Check the Garage Door Opener

If you see smoke coming from your garage door opener, you should check to see if a bird has made a nest in it. This has happened before and the heat from the capacitor burned the bird’s nest and started a fire. Homeowners should check their garage door opener thoroughly from time to time. There might be a small problem you can fix on your own and you will prevent huge problems.





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