10 Ways To Tell If Your Garage Door Spring is Broken

1 Broken Spring Causes This to Happen

 At times customers will call garage door repair companies and say their garage door cables are broken. They see the cables all over the place and on the ground. However, garage doors have 2 torsion springs. This makes it possible for the second spring to keep the cables tight on the drums. You will need to look at the torsion springs to see if one is broken. However, sometimes the cables are in a tube and you can only tell that the cable is broken by lifting the door. If the door feels very heavy, and it is hard to lift it manually it is clear, that you have a broken spring. If your garage door goes up and won’t move; there could be a broken cable present. Some garage doors have a built in locking mechanism, it will cause the door to stay open, whenever the cable is broken.

2 Stops 6 inches above the ground

Some homeowners find out that their garage door cables are broken when they are leaving or trying to enter their homes and try to open the door. The door will stop moving when it is approximately 6 inches from the ground. The garage door openers has a built in safety features, this causes the door to stop moving when cables are broken. A garage door that comes crashing down can cause huge problems. However you should close the door and pull the emergency release rope to move the door.

3 A Loud Sound in the Garage

Home owners will hear a loud sound in their garage and start wondering if a burglar is trying to get in. They will go to check and everything will seem to be just fine, until they are ready to open the door to go somewhere. The loud sound is heard because of the spring unwinding. This happens in less than a second and the coils spinning in the shaft, creates that sound.

4 A 2” Gap in your Torsion Spring

There is always a 2” gap in the Torsion Spring when it is broken, this is something homeowners can quickly check for when the garage door starts malfunctioning.

5 The Top of the Garage Door is bent

The electric garage door opener might bend the top section of your door , when the spring is broken and it tries to open it.  The ‘open force’ can cause this when it has been turned up fully on the circuit board.

6 Garage Door Falls Faster

If your garage door falls faster than before when you are closing it. Garage door openers are not designed to function with an unbalanced door. It is clear that your spring is broken.

7 Broken Torsion Spring

A torsion spring grows in length when it is wound up. This happens as the spring is compressed and the metal expands. However after the spring is wound, the winding cone clamps the torsion shaft, making it possible for the drums to turn and wind the cables as the door is lifted.

8 A Lean Door

Whenever you notice that your garage door is leaning, as one side is nearer to the ground than the other when it is being closed. If you see the cable and the pulley hanging; your spring is broken.

9 When the Emergency Release Rope

 If you try to use your emergency release rope and you still can’t open your door, your spring might be broken.

 10 Door Jerking when it is moving

Whenever your door isn’t moving smoothly, it could mean your springs may be broken. A trained technician will be able to accurately diagnose this for you.



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