Rollers and Cables - Atlas Garage Door Repair

Cables can get frayed and, when this happens, the cable on one side becomes more extended than the cable on the other side, causing the door to be closer to the ground on one side when it is being closed. You should not store anything close to the door in the corner of your garage, as whenever objects slip under the door and prevent it from closing, cables become damaged. This leads to more problems, as after a while your garage door will be off track and you’ll need to call us to get your garage door back on track again.

This is a very technical job and there are a lot of tools and safety gear that is required in order to replace these cables.

Frayed cables can break after a while and can cause your door to stop moving. So it is best for you to have them fixed as soon as possible. Cables and rollers will keep your garage door moving, so pay close attention to them at all times.