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Garage Door Noise Reduction

If you’ve noticed that when you open your garage door, it is noisier than usual, call Atlas Garage Doors. We will send a professional garage door technician to check it out. As professionals, we know all about garage door repairs! Finding solutions for garage door problems and resolving them is our job. By checking for loosened screws, bolts and nuts now, it can go a long way in avoiding bigger problems in the future. Using WD40 is not good for all parts of the garage door. There are special lubricants available for garage doors, as using too much grease on the gears will cause a build-up of dirt after a while which will lead to further problems. Garage door lubricants are available in many stores. Lubricating the right parts of the garage door will help to extend the life of the door.

What Causes A Garage Door to become Noisy

Tightening loose chains can reduce the noise they make in the tracks when the garage door is in operation. There is no noise when the track is properly aligned and the door is moving. If there are no insulation above the metal that attaches the garage opener to the roof, the vibration of the moving parts might be very noisy. Our garage door technicians can fix this problem for you. We will install bushings above the metal. This forms a cushion between the metal and the roof. This, in turn, reduces the noise that is made when the door moves. Our professionals at Atlas Garage Doors are trained to complete all garage door repairs.

Enlist The Help Of A Professional

You should always enlist the help of a garage door service that is honest and strives to do their job properly. Faulty installation of garage door parts can lead to many problems with your garage door. The technicians from Atlas Garage Doors are experts and will give you great tips about how you can take care of your door, ensuring you will have fewer problems with your garage doors in the future.

Maintenance Helps

You will find that garage doors won’t be as noisy when they are maintained by our professional garage door technicians. At Atlas Garage Doors, we will also install weather strips around the edge of your garage doors. These strips keep out dust and cold wind and keep in heat. Your door will function in a better way when dust particles are not building up around it. This can cause the door to start malfunctioning after a while.

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