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Garage doors are built to add security to your property. However, they consist of a lot of parts, sensors, rollers, gears, chains, motors, batteries, openers, and other parts. Because of this, things can go wrong with your garage door from time to time. Our trained technicians at Atlas Garage Doors can assist you. We want you to get the most from your garage door. However, there are other companies who are not professional and could end up making things worse. This can result in a whole host of problems in the future. These unprofessional technicians might not be willing to return and fix problems when they occur.  So be careful when you are planning a new garage door installation.

What Causes Problems With Garage Doors 

Garage doors may not close all the way, they can become very noisy, as the chains may be faulty. Whenever sensors are misaligned, garage doors will malfunction. Gears that are not lubricated can stop working, causing the garage door to become inoperable. Springs can become broken and need changing. Sprockets can break, and cause the chain to become dislodged. Whenever there is too much dust covering the light on your sensor, the beam will not shine on the receiving sensor and the garage door will not move.

At times, there are foreign objects in the garage door track that will prevent the door from moving properly. One side of the garage door can be held back while the other side moves freely. And these issues are to name just a few.

Avoid Garage Door Accidents

Contact a garage door professional whenever you are not sure if your garage door is working correctly. Garage doors can become dislodged from the ceiling as well, and can be a real safety hazard. Bolts can loosen up after a while because of the movement of the door. Whenever this happens, the door and everything that held it up will fall. This will require professional help and fast.

Atlas Garage Doors is committed to 100% satisfaction for every garage door repair, installation, or project we accept. So when it comes to Garage Door Repair and Installation in Cave Creek, Arizona, Atlas Garage Doors is the answer!

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