About Us - Atlas Garage Door Repair

Welcome to Atlas Garage Doors

Atlas Garage Doors Arizona is THE company you should contact whenever you need to have your garage door replaced or repaired. We are based in Arizona and our trained, trustworthy, reliable and very skilled technicians are always ready to assist you. Customer service is a key factor for us! We always endeavor to offer our customers the best possible service available.

Our Mission

Quality Service

Our technicians will always check the structure that is being used to hold up all the components of the garage door, as a weak structure could cause everything to come crashing down if not properly maintained. We will work to strengthen the structure if necessary.

We always use the right tools, screws, nails and parts whenever we do a job. We check our work to ensure that everything is done properly; so that our customers will have no problems with their garage doors when we have finished the job, and subsequently go on to recommend us to other people!


Our technicians are honest and trustworthy, you can always have faith in our service, and in knowing that your garage door service will be carried out to the highest of standards.

We will not charge you for parts if we have not used them, we will not replace parts that are still in good working condition in order to charge more for a job. We believe in old fashioned, high-quality, honest service.

We are sure you will love every aspect of our service – why not contact us for a free quote today?


You can depend on the technicians and other workers at Atlas Garage Doors Arizona at all times. We are always there to take your call and respond to your request in the shortest possible time. We always check your garage doors after we have worked on them so that we are certain that they are working properly before we leave your property. Added to that, our service trucks are always equipped with all the tools and parts we need to fix garage doors at all times.


We will always take responsibility for any problems caused because of negligence on our part. We constantly strive to do our best to keep our customers satisfied, and whenever there is a problem we will act responsibly and do our best to get everything sorted out.

We always go the extra mile to keep our customers satisfied at all times. Customer satisfaction is very important to our company!